Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the sweet sound of...


the only thing i hear right now are pencils scraping paper and the occasional eraser.

my ap class is taking a test.

it's one of my favorite things. i love to just sit and listen and watch. they're all so intense. it makes me so proud to be their teacher when i can see their diligence. they stress over every question, every plus sign, every negative sign. (and they should. the test is over integers!)

sometimes, i'll look around and see a child with his hands on his head because he's so baffled by the present question. then, it's like there's literally a light bulb above his head. aha!

it's the greatest feeling to know that i had a part in that light.

so for the next few minutes, i'm going to enjoy the sweet sound of pencils.

and then back to reality when 5th period rolls around.


Mari said...

I was that kid...except I don't remember any lightbulbs coming on. Good thing I didn't major in math!

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