Monday, May 20, 2013

take what you can get.

today's goal was to get pictures of all three kids together. decent pictures. not everyone looking at the camera, but at least everyone somewhat happy. no fingers in noses or grumpy faces or evidence of arguing, just happy together. 

this is as close as we got. i'll take it.

i did, however, manage to get some pretty decent individual pictures. miss mya already had her pictures done a few weeks ago so i wasn't too worried about her.

and then there are these two. one usually has nostrils flaring and glaring eyes from the intense sensitivity to sunlight and the other seems to still be in the awkward smiling stage that's been going on for like three years now. i usually just have to make them laugh and snap away.

individual pictures seem to turn out a little better since i can focus on one face at a time.

i adore this one.

 i think he looks very much like jerry here. lucky boy.

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ree said...

Beautiful shots of gorgeous kids!