Friday, January 4, 2013


for the longest time, i have not been able to post anything with pictures due to blogger telling me i was out of space.
i decided to just give a whirl again today.
well, whatcha know?

snow angel number one.

what is this stuff?

handsome boy.

snow angel number two.

first ever walk in the snow.


deciding whether to step in or not.

if i don't move, will it still be cold?

always so serious.

this was her attitude pretty much the whole time.

she was fascinated by her feet sinking.

he seriously looks so much older to me now.

their snowman. they constructed him all by themselves while i took care of a whiny girl.

1 comment:

Sarah P. Henry said...

I LOVE the editing on these. Fabulous. Black and white, but...awesomer.