Thursday, September 1, 2011

Five months.

 this time she's smiling at jacob. she adores him.

here are her five-month stats:
  • 14 pounds 8 ounces
  • 25 inches long
  • blonde hair
  • blue eyes
  • no teeth as of yet. a little surprised, but we'll keep an eye out.
  • still loves her bedtime routine.
  • officially a tummy sleeper.
  • rolls over back to front. REFUSES to roll back the other way.
  • nowhere close to sitting up. she seems so big, yet so fragile.
  • on a good day, we get in a 2-hour morning nap and one or two shorter afternoon naps.
  • we have an eater. proof later in the post.
  • already starting separation anxiety. mom's day out should be interesting next week.
  • pretty much has all of us wrapped around her finger...especially daddy.
  • totally melts me with her looks. see exhibit A below.

jacob adores her also. (the other boy was asleep during this time.) 

another one of those looks. 

and another. 

i CANNOT get enough of these legs...and this pose showing them off.

now for the messy part. definitely not the neatest eater. 

 happy five months, baby girl. love, momma.


Malissa said...

She is precious. 3-month-old weighs a pound more than your 5-month-old. :)

no_iffer said...

Um, she is so cute. And that ruffly outfit is adorable. Like totally. :)

ree said...

I l.o.v.e that outfit.
AND those chubby legs.
I want to squeeze her! :)