Thursday, January 20, 2011

the latest little details.

on a freezing cold hunt today through an antique shop, i found this. i believe it will adorn the dresser and hold other future findings.
then there's this. i actually ordered this from etsy. probably the first of many i plan to acquire.

and then there's treasure. this doll was given to me by my great uncle before i ever left the hospital in 1981...yes, when i was born. that would make her almost 30 years old. she's soft and adorable and i can still remember the smell that she kept for years. of course, she's a little tattered and stained, but she's one of the only things i have from my childhood. like me, my mom likes change. and she has six kids. keeping too many keepsakes for each child would require her to have a whole separate house to store it all. :)

so i have this baby doll. i don't think i ever gave her a name...just baby. and now she will be my girl's baby. i can't wait.