Monday, June 8, 2009

a real haircut and vacation

remember this picture from the previous post?
well, forget all about it.


are you ready for this?


seriously...are you ready?


today, we got a REAL haircut.

my baby looks like a little boy now! i know most of you were a big fan of the long hair, as was i. i'm really torn here, so only positive comments, please!


tomorrow, we leave for vacation. we're heading to fredericksburg for a day and then on to san antonio until friday. we have plans for the children's museum, zoo, splashtown, riverwalk, and even san marcos for shopping! can't wait to have time away with all my boys!

see you when we return!


cassandra sagan webb said...

He looks so handsome!!

ree said...

I love it!!!
He's adorable no matter how his hair looks!

CG said...

He's so cute!

Michelle said...

I love the haircut!!! He looks so big.

JAC said...

Sooooooo handsome - a little man and I love his "new" look!

Wendy said...

Wow, Nellie! I wasn't ready.