Friday, April 17, 2009


jenny is taking our family pics next weekend, and i'm trying to figure out our wardrobe. i want it to be something fun and cute...not matchy-matchy. here are some options i'm thinking of.

for jacob:

for jerry:
for me:

with thisand thisand these (or something like them) or thiswith thisand yes, there's someone missing. my poor casen. it will probably be something similar to jacob. the only problem is, i feel like the possibility for jacob doesn't really go with ours.
i don't know. my fashion sense is very...simple. i'm trying to go outside the box.


Mari said...

I like the green shirt for Jerry and the yellow/red combo for you. Actually, I like both of the choices for you.
And Old Navy just put out some new stuff, so you might find something for Casen there.

no_iffer said...

I think they all look great! Really! I can't wait! I just hope that I don't disappoint...yikes!

La said...

SA totally needs The Children's Place!

I really like all those options. Looks way better than anything I would have come up with. ;) I know this is a very helpful comment....

marme said...

I absolutely adore the last two for you, and the green shirt for Jerry.

Wow, you're both gonna look hot!

and the boys...shoot they could be naked and be cute. ;)

Meems said...

I love the orange and blue for you. So adorable.

Chris said...

I like your taste in clothes! It makes me want to go shopping.