Tuesday, November 11, 2008

home with my boys

all during the WONDERFUL retreat this weekend, i couldn't help but thinking how i'd have to come home on sunday and go straight back to work on monday for the rest of the week. i just wanted to spend time with my boys...all of them.

well, today, i am...two of them, at least. unfortunately it's not for a good reason.

casen and jacob are both sick.

jacob's had a fever, runny nose, and the worst cough ever.

casen's had about the same symptoms.

we made an appointment for jacob to see the doctor. i figured, why not get two for one, so we took casen in as well.

turns out, casen's worse than jacob. he has some sort of bronchial infection. jacob has a cold.

they're both on antibiotics, which is good.

unfortunately, for the second time, dr. w has mentioned the possibility of casen having asthma. it's never been a definite or even something that he wants to look into further, but it's still scary.

my sister has asthma...bad. i don't want that for my little boy.

he's taking a steroid thing right now to try to help with his breathing. the poor thing sounds just horrible. you can hear it all in his chest.

pray for him?

so, i got my time with my boys, i just wish it were under better circumstances.

on a side note, i came home more in love with my husband than ever. something was sparked in me at our little retreat. i asked for it, and He delivered.


Mari said...

Ha! I'm pretty sure I know what ignited that spark...

seph said...

me too! and i'll admit, it ignited one for me too. sunday night was fun!! :)

hope those babies get better.. poor, poor babies.

kj said...

i'll agree with both comments! that's what girl's (and their husband's) get from uninterrupted girl time. :)

i will be praying for those sweet babies.

marme said...

me too! You just thought I wasn't listening!

I'm so "thrilled" ya'll got SOMETHING out of the retreat!