Tuesday, October 21, 2008

to elaborate

the sickness:
  • stuffy nose
  • no wait, runny nose
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • no, stuffy nose
  • head congestion
  • head ache
  • major all-over face pain
  • runny nose...again

i believe i have a sinus infection.

it's so bad that i couldn't even teach my last two classes today. i had my co-teacher teach 6th and my tutor teach 7th.

i'm not going in tomorrow.

what could be worse?

i had my appraisal this morning...first thing.

i could barely talk. it was a boring lesson. it was my ap. they know it all. they weren't raising their hands. again, they know it all.

but, i already got the paperwork back.

apparently i did quite well.

three out of the four categories scored so far received "exceeds".

it's over. the result was good. hallelujah.

but i'm still sick. i'll be getting much needed rest tomorrow...hopefully.


ree said...

Glad you got good results...sorry you're sick!!! Get some rest!

Mari said...

Ok, "no go" for RTP stuff tomorrow night. I'll bring it by on Thursday. Enjoy your day off! (as much as you can...)